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One of the biggest mistakes made by affiliate marketers when they first set up is failing to recognise that they are actually starting a #business. Consequently if you want to be #successful you need to have the right #mindset and #manage your business accordingly, not doing this is the one of the fastest roads to failure. (C) Alexandre Chambon

If you look at it from another #perspective you are establishing a #marketing company and your #websites and affiliate links are your assets which you can build to be as big as you want, you are only limited by your #time and #imagination.
There are a few steps you can take which makes you stand out from the crowd and avoid the stamp of being a “newbie” or unprofessional.

Step 1: Websites and domains

It’s important to have your own domain(s) and website(s) for several reasons. One is that you have complete control over what you choose to #promote, and what #ads and #banners you want to put on your site. You can create an eye-catching #professional #layout or have someone do it for you if that is beyond the scope of your abilities.

Secondly you are able to have your own #personalized email and you appear far more professional when you have your own domain, as opposed to having freebie hosting without a decent or keyword enhanced name. An extra #benefit is that your website and domain are assets that can be sold down the track if you choose and if you have developed them properly. You can buy a domain for around $10 and monthly hosting can start as low as $6.00 per month, so it’s well worth the small #investment.

Step 2: List building

All marketers know you need to get #traffic to your website, to click on your banners and ads to make money, no clicks – no sales. But getting traffic can be #hard work. Even when you get visitors to your site you generally only have one shot at nailing their business. What you need to do is build up a #customer list so you can get repeat visitors. You can do this by creating a signup form on your website for your #newsletter or offering a free downloadable gift or service in return for your visitor subscribing to your list. Once you have established a list you can email your customers with your offers and promotions on an ongoing basis.

Don’t just contact your list when you are selling something, try and share useful #information or advice, try and build trust so your customers will know to value what you are offering them, and buy from you when you do have a promotion. It is generally accepted that your list has a value of $1 per customer, so again another asset to nurture and build.

Step 3: Traffic

The lifeblood of affiliate marketing is traffic, but not everyone can get on the front page of #Google so where else are you going to get traffic? Unless you want to pay for it and that can be very costly.

A few methods you can explore are: writing articles, press releases, posting in forums, commenting or guest posting on #blogs, offline #advertising, and classified ads.

You don’t have to do everything at once, start off with one, master it then move on to another. It’s important to test your results, check to see which #method is most #effective and keep doing that.

Having an affiliate marketing business is all about repeating systems that work, so just make sure you develop a system first, then rinse and repeating the methods that work for you.

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Kunden gewinnen mit #Facebook!

Am zehnten November ab 19 Uhr bieten wir Ihnen bei einem unserer spannenden #Meetup-Treffen wieder einmal die Möglichkeit, beim #Netzwerken neue #Kontakte zu knüpfen und ab 20 Uhr aufschlussreichen Vorträgen über das große Potential von Facebook für die #Kundengewinnung zu folgen. (C) Saulo Mohana

Kundengewinnung mit Facebook – geht das?

Und ob das geht!

Unsere drei Referenten zeigen klar auf, weshalb Facebook mit über 30 Millionen aktiven Nutzern deutschlandweit eine #relevante und nicht vernachlässigbare #Zielgruppe für jedes #Unternehmen bietet!

Durch #visualisierte Beispiele und Case Studies erklären unsere Redner Ihnen, wie Sie mit Facebook #Kunden erreichen und für sich gewinnen können.

Referent #Ralf Lemp (Head of Business Development + HR Berlin Training UG
( geht vor allem darauf ein, wie man Facebook #Ads als Teil des #Marketing Mix integrieren kann und verdeutlicht dabei besonders die #Chancen und #Kosten des #Social Media Marketings. Des weiteren wird er Ihnen den Prozess von der #Werbung an sich bis hin zum #Verkauf erläutern.

#Roman Lange und #Dietmar Fischer (, Geschäftsführer
(, ebenfalls Redner bei der Netzwerkveranstaltung, beschäftigen sich mit verschiedenen Formen der Facebook-Werbung.

Zudem thematisieren sie im Detail die Gestaltung und Art der Werbung im Social-Media-Bereich, sowie das Erreichen der richtigen Zielgruppe und die jeweilige #Zielrichtung der Anzeigen.

Nutzen Sie unsere Veranstaltung als einmalige Chance und erfahren Sie mehr über die Kundengewinnung für ihr Unternehmen über Facebook.

Donnerstag, 10. November 2016 um 19 Uhr in

New Location: Anton & Luisa
Wöhlertstr. 20
10115 Berlin.

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Kunden werben mit Facebook

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016, 7:00 PM

Big Sur
Graefestraße 11 Berlin, DE

26 Mittelständler Attending

Liebe Mittelständler,wir starten unsere Meetup-Reihe mit einer Veranstaltung über Facebook, denn wir denken: über 30 Millionen Facebook-Mitglieder sind eine riesige Zielgruppe, die man nicht vernachlässigen sollte.Leider sind viele Mittelständler voreingenommen von Facebook. Unsere Referenten zeigen Ihnen deshalb Beispiele und Case Studies, wie S…

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