How To Reach Your Goals (

Everyone needs #goals in #life. Goals can help us improve our #personality, our way of life, and our #relationships. (C) Noah Grezlak


Setting goals is easy enough, but the real challenge is reaching them. How can you #reach your goals?

The first step in reaching your goals is to overcome #fear of #failure. If we start out thinking negatively, we likely won’t get very far in our efforts to reach our goals. In fact, we may not even set goals in the first place. Fear of failure can sometimes prevent us from doing this. Negative #thoughts or past „failures“ may overwhelm us. But if we keep thinking back to past „failures“, were these really failures after all? Did you #learn something that you can now put into practice or avoid the next time?

The second stage is to #identify what goal you want to set. You can start by #brainstorming potential goals. Some possible goal ideas are: learn a foreign language, stop smoking, make more #friends, climb a dormant volcano or mountain, #travel out of the country, learn a traditional dance or to play a musical instrument, show gratitude every day, lose weight, eat #healthier, or spend more time with your #family. You are the one that knows what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Try to come up with 10 to 20 ideas for possible goals. You may find that some of these will be interrelated and can help you reach your bigger goals.

Next, analyze your list and ask yourself questions like: Which goal seems the most #exciting? Which one is the most #challenging? Which one will make me proudest of myself if I #achieve it? The best goals for you are the ones that mean the most to you. You might select goals that touch all aspects of your life. After analyzing your list, now #prioritize it. First, select a few short-term goals that you could reach in just a few days. Then choose some long-term goals that will take weeks or months to reach. Now number them in the order you would like to achieve them.

The third stage is the #planning one. Without a plan, you may as well give up. It helps to write everything down on paper. Start by listing your goal. Then set a reasonable #deadline by which time you hope to have accomplished your goal. Next, plan the steps involved in reaching the goal. Be sure to anticipate possible #obstacles and how you will work to overcome them. Finally, make a commitment to yourself by signing and dating the paper.

After doing this, get #busy! Try to think of something you can do each day that will bring you closer to your goal, no matter how small. Be sure to track your progress and celebrate each step accomplished along the way. If something goes wrong in your plan, adapt to the situation and reevaluate your goal if necessary. And finally, imagine yourself once you have finally accomplished your goal and the satisfaction you will feel.

What are your goals in #2017?

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