New in Berlin? Die Anmeldung/ Registration in Berlin – KOSTENLOS/for free (

Do you need help with your registration / Anmeldung? We have the solution for all the new people who are start to live in Berlin. The registration is very boring and not a part of the expectations. Boring forms, long wait and most of the time no English help from the German ‘’Bürgeramt’’. (C) Ben White



What to do? Well, we can help you! We create a Bot, a messenger bot on Facebook. The CG-Bot.  This Bot will help you by asking the questions who you need for your registration form. For example; the bot will ask you for your new address, you type it on your phone, iPad or laptop and the bot will process the form. You can use this application on Facebook Messenger. Just search for ‘’Club GLOBALS’’ and the bot will start asking you questions.

Four easy steps will help you to complete your register form! Because we are also in the start and beginning of this amazing idea, we offer you free support at our office. You can book a slot with us on, bring your personal information and we will welcome you to our office! We will explain you, what else you need to do to get your full registration and how to make an appointment at ‘’die Bürgeramt’’

If you become curious about what we are doing, do not hesitate to look at our social media’s or contact us for questions!

Click on the link here to book an appointment now FOR FREE!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

#Confidence Is Key (

Let’s face it; if you want to #succeed at anything, you need to have a certain level of confidence. This doesn’t mean that you need to boldly and #fearlessly attack every aspect of #life. There certainly may be areas where you lack confidence. You need to identify, however, the areas of life where you need to be confident in order to succeed. (C) Christian Sterk


The first thing you need to do is to identify where you need more confidence, and where you don’t. Let’s say, for example, that you are afraid of public #speaking, and you need to get over that to succeed. In this case, you need to gain confidence in speaking in front of people. If you lack confidence in cooking a good meal, that certainly won’t matter to your speaking ability. You need to identify where you need to gain confidence, and where lack of confidence doesn’t matter. This doesn’t mean that you can’t gain confidence in other areas, though.

One of the dangers of a lack of confidence is that it can fuel failure. Failure then leads to decreased confidence, which leads to failure, which leads to… well you can see it’s a vicious circle. Lack of confidence and failure feed on each other, and they will drag you down. So, the first key to gaining confidence is to succeed rather than fail.

Your first successes do not need to be major #successes. You just need to succeed at something to start #lifting #yourself up, and break out of the failure->lack of confidence cycle. Choose a small goal to achieve. This needs to be a goal that you cannot achieve at this #time, but it also needs to be #achievable with a little bit of #work. Set your mind on achieving this goal. Set yourself a realistic time #frame, and then determine what you need to in order to succeed.

Once you achieve this goal, you will start to see that you can succeed. Keep setting yourself #goals, and work towards achieving them. Success will #lead to confidence, which will lead to more success, and so on. Before long, you will be able to attack the critical areas where you lack confidence. If you fear public speaking, you can now start working on that lack of confidence. Find mentors to help you along. Find #groups and #organizations that will #help you to build confidence.

Do not confuse confidence with arrogance. Being confident is a #good thing, being #arrogant is a bad thing. Confidence is the idea that you can achieve something that you can succeed. Arrogance is the idea that you are better than others.

Confidence is the key to succeeding in any #aspect of life. Whether you want to succeed in #business, #creative endeavors, #fitness, #weight loss, or #family, you need to have confidence. Start by setting yourself small goals, and find small successes. Build on those successes and you will find yourself gaining confidence in all areas of your life. Once you have confidence and success, then you can start helping those who lack confidence themselves.

The best project you will ever work on is YOU! Improve your #personal skills or learn a new #language in 2017 to push your career: